6 Facts About Diabetes

There are many facts about diabetes that patient should know. This not just for diabetes patient but also for people who don't have this disease.

1st fact:
There is no disease depends organized and controlled by lunch such as diabetics, also there is no patient receives from severe neglect by diabetes patient , which some see as an imbalance chronic representation feed of carbohydrates ( sugars and starchy ) with this imbalance basis to percentage of sugar in blood and excreted in urine.

2nd fact:
Diabetes is not a disease that we worry about, even cured only certainty lies only in organizing lunch even for diabetics young and those who require treatment need to use insulin injections, organization there feed
reduces that number of times insulin injections or prevented at all, besides the diabetics for those over the age of forty and lot of them does not require treatment only a special diet without remedies.

3th fact:
Although reaffirm that diabetes is not a serious disease long neglected and not treated depends primarily on the patient.
We also stress that neglect of diabetes and failure to regulate food may eventually lead to fall in sugar multiples is dangerous because these complications often working on damage gradually arteries untreatable may eventually lead to a stroke, coronary clot, kidney disease or blindness ...

4th fact:
Organizing food is a necessary factor for prevention of all diabetes symptoms or complications serious even with young people with diabetes and those who require treatment by injecting insulin, the truth that he does not know many people are that only 10% of  fabric of pancreas if it is true it is sufficient to take outright amount of insulin too, many people do not know that insulin represent the only carbohydrates, but organization of work of fat and protein as well, which is the only hormone that help to store fatty acids in cells for 11 hormone all working on launch of these acids from cells.

5th fact:
there are real causes of diabetes are many and almost all we are exposed without exception, it is us not being subjected to tension or neurological or mental stresses unfortunate events. We are all susceptible to it, but some of us get diabetes and some of us do not get, because there are other factors creating a body to disease mainly genetics, transmitted from parents to children.
The obesity represents an important factor for disease, especially in middle age, people with obesity while eating sugars make that the amount of insulin than usual, but there is no place in cells to absorb glucose that stay in blood. When weight loss reduces size of fat cells and returns sugar level to normal level.

6th fact:
people with diabetes either they suffer from lack of secretion of insulin in their bodies or inadequate hormone secreted from cells of pancreas. May be a large amount of insulin secreted when obese, but there is resistance by body's tissues and cells impeding insulin function, leading to high blood glucose levels and to appear in urine.

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