What Diabetics Do Not Know?

  Sugar is essential because it helps in burning fatty substances, but lot of sugar is dangerous. So it was important to adjust  sugar percentage in your blood. Know medically fatty substances turn into sugar, this shift give great effectiveness of body, without sugar. Research has shown the most people are unaware that's no sugar profusely naturally in many foods, it exists in almost every fruit and vegetables, such as especially grapes and sweet potatoes.

Simple sugar found in various fruits and vegetables, up to 50% in core pineapple core, more than this amount in types of islands, milk sugar compose about 50% of milk.

Bread, cereals, chickpeas, potatoes and other starch-containing materials suitable for turning into sugar during digestion course in stomach and intestines.

Glycogen stores type of starch, whether issued by meat or liver also turn to sugar, then  transform 10% of fatty substances after absorbing sugar.

Thus, sugar produced in digestion from all plants that can be divided into several groups:

1st group:
Vegetables that contain only no more than 5% sugar. a meal which is equivalent to half of a small dish or one hundred grams, give you sugar about coffee spoon which advises diabetics to eat , the most important are:
Asparagus, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, dried onions, peppers, radishes, zucchini, green beans and tomatoes.
This food due to lack of sugar, they contain 20% calories only in a meal, but it is rich in vitamins and minerals developed as a treatment for diabetics, for those wishing to slimness and weight loss.

2nd group:
Vegetables and fruits, which produces 10% of sugar in middle meal, almost two small spoons sugar, twice quantity of sugar in the first group includes:
Artichokes, berries, melons, onions, grapefruit, peaches, kale, olives, oranges, strawberries and mangoes.

3rd group:
Vegetables and fruits, which produces 15% of sugar in middle meal, about 3 small tablespoons that means three times of first group include:
Apples, peaches, grapes, cherries, peas and orange juice.

4th group:
Food which produces 20% of sugar is about 4 tablespoons that means four times the first group include:
Dried beans, bananas, pasta, taro, pears, figs, corn and potatoes.

Always remember that diet for a diabetic in basis on  sugars rationing, starches that give the patient  necessary protein and calories, your body activity without pancreas and without lack of nutrients especially vitamins B and C will get bad symptoms, studies have shown recent operation that lack of vitamin B can cause various strikes that occur and lead to insulin extension.
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