Impact Of Diabetes On Nervous System

Diabetes is one of the most diseases that affect nervous system in body patient and is affected by it. Maybe somebody believes that situation is the nerve that lead to high blood sugar.
... Truth confirms the opposite. High proportion of sugar in your blood is affecting nervous system.

Perhaps most famous complain diseases including diabetic is troubling in nervous system, particularly parties nerve and accompanying numbness nervous tension on an ongoing basis is one of diabetes complications.
There is no doubt that regular therapy and follow your doctor advice of main reasons that prevent these complications.

It may be not diabetes is  the real responsible for nerve disorders, but attendant circulatory disorder, especially blood vessel that feeding nerve. It may also affect excess treatments in appropriate dose, such as insulin, in this case show a clear impact on brain, causing severe disruption in thinking so it was very important in some sensitive professions such as driving aircraft.

There are chronic cases may lead to harden of vessels feeding nerves, all occur as a result of negligent your treatment or neglect in nutrition or neglect in two together, this takes a long time in therapy.

Of neurological complications that obvious to many people because of diabetes affected that nerves viscera such as digestive system, leading to case of (diarrhea) night any patient that he gets (diarrhea) only at night, and during the rest of day is normal.

There is an explanation for effect of diabetes on nerves shows that patient be infected by excessive sugar urine or frequent urination, causing him loss of a large part of vitamin "B" groups especially "B1", "B6" and "B12" lack of these compounds. Directly, affects nervous system and mental patients. Indirectly, on mood and psychological such as depression, memory loss in some diabetics.

We can say that all nervous, are not a diabetic at all as that all diabetics are not a nervous mood, according to quality of treatment and nutrition.

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