Myths About Diabetics Feeding.

You may become frustrated when you hear about  diabetic patients foods.
You may hear some of these ideas:
1 - eat a large amount of sugar causes diabetes.
2 - There are several rules to choose right foods for diabetics.
3 - must be going away from all your favorite foods when you start in your diabetes diet.

There are many of myths that people know about but I'm going to show you 5 of them.

Myth 1: There are several rules of diet for diabetics.

When diabetes happen, you need to plan your meals, but general rule is simple; where food Diabetes means that only selected foods that work with your activities and consuming any drugs that maintain blood sugar level close to normal.

Myth 2: Carbohydrates bad for diabetics.
In fact, carbohydrates are considered good for diabetics, where basis is considered healthy food for people with diabetes or any other healthy food.
Carbohydrates have the greatest impact on blood sugar, so you should follow  carbohydrates amount that you eat when you follow a special diet.
Carbohydrates contain many essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber
Therefore, one of rules that are followed is to choose carbohydrates that contain nutrients such as bread, largest amount of contents on whole grains and baked good, as well as eating fruits and vegetables that contain high fibers.

Myth 3: Proteins better than carbohydrate for diabetics.
Some believe that error should be replaced carbohydrates with protein due to carbohydrates effect on blood sugar level, but the fact that eating large amounts of protein may lead to problems with diabetic patients.
The basic problem in eating food rich with protein such as meat is fit on large amount of saturated fat, which leads eat a lot of them may increase heart disease.
In your diabetic diet must not exceed proportion of protein for 15% -20% of total calories you eat each day.

Myth 4: You can adjust medicines for diabetes with anything you eat.
If you use insulin, you can learn how to control quantity and type used to correspond with amount of food that you eat, but that does not mean that you eat a lot as you like, rely on eating a lot of drug after that to make blood sugar stable.
If you are using other types of drugs, you cannot change dose to fit amount of carbohydrates in your diet without your doctor's instructions, most diabetes drugs are not given best effect, only follow your doctor's instructions.

Myth 5: You need to give up from your favorite foods.
There is no reason make you leave your favorite foods, but you can instead try to:
- change way you prepare your favorite food.
- change other foods you eat with your favorite food.
- Reduce the amount you eat of your favorite food.
- Use your favorite food as a reward for you when you follow your diet. You can put your favorite food in your diet.

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